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How Buked Works its Wonders for Organizers

Buked redefines event engagement in Delhi NCR. It's not just an app; it's your guide to curated events, personalized to your mood and needs. Beyond management, Buked values live experiences, making every minute count in the dynamic event scene.

How Buked Works For Customers

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How Buked Works As Multi-Vendor

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How it works

For Event Organisers

1. Create Event

Signup, become organiser and start adding events.

2. Publish Event

Enter complete info about your event and publish it.

3. Start Selling

Start selling your event tickets and earn profit.

How it works

For Customers

1. Choose Event

Signup, choose your favorite event.

2. Get Tickets

Get your tickets from the event page.

3. Attend Event

Go attend the event and have fun.